• We are a private, independent learning center owned and operated by highly skilled and experienced educators.
  • You and your child come first to us.
  • We have been helping families in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach County since 1995.
  • Our primary goal is your child's self-esteem!
  • We hire experts who are highly trained with special certifications and/or degrees in the field necessary for your child's best progress.
  • Jay's is a center of research and development, cooperating across the country with the brightest minds in education to bring your children the best programs and materials available.

  • Request for Caterers/Vendors for Summer Food 2020 Services
    Request for caterer/vendors for Summer Food 2020 Services Jay's Learning Center I, Inc.(SFSP#1513) is seeking a caterer to provide food services for vended summer meals please contact Beverly Johnson at (305) 978-1474 or email: johnsonbeverly37@yahoo.com.

Our Goals

It is our highest endeavor to share open communication among our students and parents within a positive learning environment in order to make abounding progress and enhance motivation and the desire for academic excellence. We thank you for choosing our learning center to expand your horizons and build a foundation for a successful future!

Mission Statement

Our overall goal is to improve the educational and life outcomes for vulnerable and/or underprivileged children ranging in age from birth to 17 years, with a specific focus on 3-5 year old children, by providing a safe and nurturing setting for child care and early childhood education while also minimizing costs in order to place a higher quality of early childhood education and childcare within the reach of the largest number of parents.

Background Statement

Jay's was incorporated in 1995 under the policy direction of a five member community based Board of Directors. Jay's provides early childhood education, childcare, and tutoring to over 200 children daily in the tri-county areas, located in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach, making it one of the premiere educational service providers in the region. Still, there is a great unmet need for appropriate, high quality early childhood education and higher quality after school programs for young children.

Statement From The Director

Jay's Learning Center I, Inc. is a proud provider of high quality education in the early childhood sector, servicing three counties of South Florida. Jay's serves Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties, and we're committed to empowering children of all ages and income levels by giving them the basic life skills they need to advance in any environment. Jay's is also committed to empowering parents by helping provide them with the developmentally appropriate tools and resources they desperately need to raise their young children in today's world.


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