Parent Connections

Jay’s Learning Center 1, Inc. has a Parent-Child Tech Center which is sponsored by the Children’s Trust.  The purpose of our Parent-Child Tech Center is three fold: (1) to introduce technology in the early years, while improving school reading for children in the childcare facility, (2) to encourage and educate parents on integrating technology into the early childhood experience, and (3) to provide opportunities for parents to enhance their technology skills in order to promote gainful employment and advancement.

Jay’s Learning Center 1, Inc. will provide a platform for experiential learning. Jay’s Learning Center 1, Inc. will provide 12 children a minimum of 1 hour of technology experience every other day. As there are twenty-five student enrolled in Jay’s Learning Center 1, Inc., the students will rotate to enroll equal exposure to all children in the program.

In addition, community members will have an opportunity to access the Parent-Child Tech Center during the hours of 5:00-7:30 pm. The maximum number of participants accessing the computers is 24 (one parent and one child per computer system).


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